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Bad Credit Loans In Columbus, Georgia

Bad credit loans in Columbus are credit products for short-term financial relief. These loans are alternatives to bank or storefront lender loans, which are not flexible and take time to approve.

In this case, lenders offer a faster loan approval time, and different minimum loan amounts to cover almost any need.

Secured loans, unsecured loans, co-signed loans, online payday loans, online installment, and more are usual bad credit personal loans. The requirements for these credit products vary, allowing almost anyone to apply. Continue reading to learn more about these loans!


What Are Bad Credit Loans in Columbus?

Bad credit loans are credit products for bad credit holders. It’s available if you have a poor credit history or need money quickly. Bad credit personal loan lenders can also make loan offers to people with spotless credit, usually more than 690.

However, their primary target is those with credit less than spotless. These loans are similar to standard personal loans. When you make a deal, you get a fixed interest rate and fixed monthly payments.

Usually, the loan term is between two to seven years, giving applicants plenty of space to pay it back. Minimum loan amounts also vary depending on the loan type. You could apply for amounts within the $1,000 and $50,000 range.

Qualifying for a personal loan is possible even with a poor credit score. Nonetheless, expect to deal with higher interest rates. Additionally, the money you receive after signing a loan agreement is usually lower than what you requested.


What Is A Bad Credit Score?

Lenders can have different opinions on what a bad credit score is. Some may consider it a low credit score if it’s between 300 and 629. Nonetheless, most of them use a similar scoring model to determine your credit.

The preferred method is FICO, which considers you have a bad credit score if it’s less than 580. An alternative to FICO is VantageScore. This scoring model deems your credit score bad when it’s between 300 and 600.


What Constitutes A Bad Credit Score?

Many reasons can affect your credit score. Nonetheless, those reasons vary depending on the scoring model. Under FICO, your credit scores constitute five categories.

Depending on their importance, these categories impact your credit score differently. Here’s a brief look at the FICO categories and how much they affect your credit score.


  • The payment history represents 35%.
  • Money owed makes up for 30%.
  • The length of credit history constitutes 15%.
  • A credit mix is the same as 10%.
  • Newer credit is 10%.


Payment history is easily the most significant part of a credit score. Future lenders will review this category to get an idea of your consistency as a borrower. It shows them whether you’re consistently making timely payments to creditors.

If you miss due credit card or loan payments, your credit score decreases significantly. As a result, potential direct lenders will require a higher APR or refuse your credit request.


What to Consider to Find The Ideal Bad Credit Personal Loan

Loan requirements and the cost of the credit product are essential considerations to keep in mind. One way to find an ideal bad credit loan is by comparing loan offers and potential lenders. Here’s what you have to do.


·      Be Familiar With The Lender’s Requirements

Loans for bad credit demand a list of requirements before qualifying for the money. These requirements may vary depending on the lender. However, some of the most common factors they consider are the following.


Credit Score. Some lenders review credit scores to decide on loan approval. Meeting the minimum credit score required is fine, but it would be ideal if it’s a little higher. This way, you will have better chances of getting your loan approved with more reasonable terms.


DTI (Debt-To-Income Ratio). The DTI refers to the percentage of your income that you use to cover debt payments. Potential lenders are more likely to consider your application if your DTI is less than 40%.


Income Frequency. Creditors value your ability to earn money frequently and in time to pay back the loan.


Co-Signer / Collateral. Including a co-signer or collateral boosts your chances of qualifying for a bad credit loan. The lender or loan broker considers this measure as evidence that they will get their money back one way or another.


·      Review The Annual Percentage Rate (APR)

The loan’s interest rates and other fees charged by the lender are visible on the annual percentage rate.

While applying for a bad credit loan, you may need to pay an origination fee. This fee is to cover a percentage amount the lenders deduct from the credit product before assigning it to you. A comprehensive APR should include this data and all other relevant information.

The annual percentage rate varies depending on many variables. Nonetheless, the highest rate is about 36%.


·      Determine Monthly Payments

Review your income and payment frequency to draw reasonable monthly payments you can afford. Consider using calculators to determine the interest rate and repayment term. This way, you can analyze the situation to make sure you can afford to pay the monthly payments.


·      Compare Loan Offers & Lenders

Consider pre-qualifying for multiple loans to take a closer look at their terms and conditions. Look for the funding time, interest rates, and repayment schedule. One other thing you must clarify is whether you can change the payment dates.


Bad Credit Loan Types

Bad credit borrowers can choose between many loan types. Each of these loans has a list of requirements and offers different loan amounts for many needs.

Another factor you must consider while choosing a loan is whether or not you can afford it to avoid penalties. These are the most common bad credit loans available.


·      Secured Loans

Usually, lenders are more flexible when you apply for a secured loan. They will still get their money’s worth even if you can’t continue with the payments. For this reason, secured loans like title loans are some of the easiest loans for bad credit to get.

The lender or lending partner requires collateral when you request secured loans. This collateral is a valuable asset you own, like a house, car, or savings account. If you fail to make timely payments, the direct lenders can claim ownership of the collateral.

Consider applying for an auto or title loan only if you can keep up with the monthly payments. Otherwise, you will lose the collateral submitted.


·      Unsecured Loans

If you request an unsecured loan, you won’t have to add collateral. Nonetheless, information about your credit score is necessary for approval. Lenders will demand details about your credit, loan amount, income amount, and payment frequency.

These details are essential and determine whether or not you get the loan.

Your chances of receiving this loan are very low if you have a poor credit history. Lenders rely on credit scores heavily, meaning you won’t be a top priority. You’ll have the same chances whether you contact a bank, credit union, or online lenders.


·      Co-Signed Loans

Adding a co-signer is necessary to qualify for co-signed loans. A co-signed can be a family member or a friend, and they must have better credit with a higher income amount. These conditions will improve your chances of approval significantly.

If you add a co-signer, the lenders will view it as a sign that you commit to paying back the loan. Even if you default and can’t make further payments, the co-signer takes the responsibility to cover your debt.

A co-signer doesn’t have access to the loan money or payment history like the applicant. However, failing to make timely payments will affect the credit scores of both applicants and co-signer.


·      Joint Loans

A joint loan is a credit product similar to co-signed loans. Therefore, you will need another candidate to qualify for this credit product. Once both applicants decide to send out a loan request form, the lender will ask about credit scores and income.

If you and your co-applicant meet the lender’s demands, both will take responsibility for making loan repayments. In this case, both applicants receive access to the loan money and payment history.


·      Cash Advance Applications

A cash advance is a credit product different from the others. In this case, you can request extra funds using applications. Creditors consider your bank deposit history and usual expenses, but not credit scores.

If you meet their demands, you get access to a few hundred dollars taken from your next paycheck. The app withdraws the money borrowed after payday.


Steps to Request Bad Credit Loans

Requesting bad credit loans online and in person is easy and fast. Nonetheless, you must consider a few things to improve your chances of qualifying. Here’s what you have to do.


·      Review Your Credit Report

Consider reviewing your credit report before attempting to qualify for bad credit loans.

Make sure the report is up to date, and look for potential errors affecting your credit inadvertently. If you find any, fix them quickly.

Your overall credit score will improve, and you will have more leverage while negotiating a loan agreement. Review your credit report once or twice per year.


·      Look for An Ideal Lender

Bad credit personal loan lenders may offer multiple loan products and demand different requirements. Therefore, you must consider all options to find one compatible with your financial situation. Usually, you can go to online lenders, credit unions, and banks.

An online lender is easily accessible and provides a variety of loans for bad credit. However, you must be careful to avoid potential scammers and unreasonable loan terms. With online lenders, it’s easier to compare loan offers.

Credit unions require you to become a member to qualify for loans. If your membership history is positive, you have access to some benefits. For instance, the interest rates could be lower.

Banks are the last option, as their loan requirements are less flexible. Still, these institutions offer many loan products that could benefit you during financial issues.


·      Submit A Loan Request Form

Check the lender’s requirements and gather the documents necessary for the loan petition.

Head to the online lender website or visit a local lender for in-person services. Submit a loan request form with the requirements needed. Your request for a loan proceeds to the review stage, and lenders usually take one or two days to decide.

If you meet the lender’s credit criteria, you may have the money in your bank account after a few days.


Include Loan Payments in Your Budget

Add the loan payments to your monthly budget to ensure you stay up to date with them. You can also set up automatic payments on your bank account to take care of them automatically. Remember to make timely payments to build a positive credit history.


Final Words

If you’re looking for bank or storefront lender alternatives, consider bad credit loans in Columbus. Bad credit loan lenders are more flexible and are open to negotiating with bad credit borrowers.

The loans also vary to cover different needs. You can apply for secured loans and receive large money sums or online installment loans and payday loans for minor credit card debts.

Look for a reliable lender and discard loan offers requiring unreasonable interest rates. Focus on paying your credit card debt or due bill, and make timely payments. Over time, your situation and credit score will improve significantly.

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